Calligraphists grace new year with brushes in Foshan
Foshan China 2023-01-06 17:18

After one or two years of cancellation, a new-year tradition in Foshan was picked up again, when beautifully crafted Chinese couplets were sent out to hundreds of homes, honoring the coming of an auspicious year. On January 4th, 10 plus calligraphy masters at Chancheng District Cultural Center started lying down letters on long red sheets. Different Chinese sheets can be seen on the spot - official script, running script and regular script.

10 plus calligraphy masters invited to write couplets (Photo by Huang Yuqin)

Due to the pandemic in the past two years, citizens can only make online orders via WeChat if they want customized hand-written couplets, or just brought home some printed ones. This year, residents are free to have their ideal wishes written into pairs of couplets on the spot by art masters.

"This is how I remembered exactly a new year is celebrated. Only handwritten couplets makes me feel real of an air of celebration." commented by residents who came and picked their own couplets. As the upcoming year will be the Year of the Rabbit, an animal which symbolizes an active and wholesome spirit in the Chinese Zodiac, a lot of people have requested letters or phases that indicates "health" and "peace".

"Writing couplets for people in the neighborhood, for me, just feel different than the last few years. We chat. We laugh. We hang out. It's all about good time." added by Feng Degen, a calligrapher and Cantonese opera artist, who hopes to give away good will and happiness to everyone.

10 plus calligraphy masters invited to write couplets (Photo by Huang Yuqin)

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