Festooned vehicles from Chancheng brightened up in London
Foshan China 2023-01-29 09:11

On January 22nd, the New Year celebration in London's Chinatown was held at Trafalgar Square in central London, England. Six festooned vehicles ornamented with iconic Lingnan cultural elements went sent on a parade to give away the best blessings from China to people from all over the world.

The six festooned vehicles which showed up this time are amazing artworks made in Chancheng, Foshan. Since 2014, Chancheng has kept it as an annual tradition and so far has sent out nearly 10 festooned vehicles.

Shipped across the ocean to London, these six festooned vehicles were later put together once they were landed in London. Descriptions of Lingnan Tiandi, the Ancestral Temple and Ancient Nanfeng Kiln are painted on the vehicles with a QR code which can be scanned by tourists to learn more about Lingnan culture. In this way, more and more people can be attracted to visit Chancheng, Foshan.

On this day, over 700,000 people gathered at the celebration, including international students, Chinese nationals in the UK, natives and many other tourists from far away.

First held in 2002 and attracting up to 700,000 people, the event is the largest Chinese New Year celebration outside Asia and one of the UK's most important multicultural events.

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