Festive Foshan Tongji Bridge crowded with global visitors
Foshan China 2023-02-05 17:00

Crossing Tongji Bridge is an important classic folk event during the Lantern Festival in Foshan.

On February 5, after four years, the grand event restarted and people from all over the world celebrated joyfully with best wishes for the new year.

Many people carried windmills, chimes and lettuce when crossing Tongji Bridge.

It is believed that windmills and lettuce will bring good luck and fortune.

Families and friends took part in the event with big smiles on their faces.

Two young girls took photos in front of the memorial gate of Tongji Bridge.

International friends had fun when crossing Tongji Bridge.

About 2,000 people joined the Lantern Festival Charity Culture Parade 2023 including representatives from all walks of life, volunteers, model workers, foreigners, etc.


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