New books on Foshan history and culture released
GDToday 2023-02-21 18:10

Foshan released a bunch of new books in Chinese and English on the city's history and culture on February 16.

This collection has published 75 books since 2016, providing an in-depth look into traditional Foshan and Lingnan cultures.

The cover of the Chinese-English version of the third series, titled Papercutting Culture of Foshan, China (Photo provided to GDToday)

The Chinese-English version of the third series, titled Papercutting Culture of Foshan, China, presents the history and characteristics of Foshan's papercutting culture through illustrations and text, providing readers with an up-close experience of Foshan's intangible cultural heritage.

Previously, the Chinese-English versions of the first and second series included four books: Dragon Boat Culture of Foshan China, Martial Arts Culture of Foshan China, Cantonese Opera of Foshan China, and Ceramic Culture of Foshan China. In addition to buying paper books from all sorts of online and offline channels, the e-versions of all these Chinese-English books will also be available on the upcoming new APP of GDToday.

The cover of the seventh series of the collection (Photo provided to GDToday)

The seventh series of the collection includes ten categories of books, mainly biographies of famous historical figures from Foshan. At present, 75 books from the collection are available on Foshan Daily's APP "佛山+" for free.

Since 2020, the publications have been collected in more than 200 city libraries and 200 university libraries nationwide.

The collection is a long-term cultural project launched by Foshan City in March 2016, aiming to publish 10 books per year. According to the schedule, the project will be completed in 2027, with a total of 120 books compiled and published.