Discover "Kung Fu" in Foshan
​GDToday 2023-02-28 17:40

Speaking of Foshan, what's the first thing that comes to your mind? Bruce Lee's hometown. Foshan Kung Fu and lion dance are famous all over the world. In recent years, Foshan has presented a new interpretation of the "Kung Fu" spirit as the city's manufacturing industry improves efficiency through digital intelligence.

On January 29, Foshan's Beijiao Town announced that its GDP in 2022 was expected to exceed 100 billion RMB, making it the second town whose GDP surpasses 100 billion RMB in Guangdong province after Foshan's Shishan Town. Up to now, there are only four towns that have a GDP of more than 100 billion RMB in China, two of which are in Foshan.

Foshan is renowned for its intelligent manufacturing. In the past, the FAW-Volkswagen's MEB factory in Foshan rolled off 66 complete vehicles in one hour. Haitian Soy Sauce's factory produced 52,000 bottles of soy sauce every hour. The microwave oven on the Long March 5B rocket, which was successfully launched last year, was manufactured by the Galanz factory in Foshan. This is the second Galanz aerospace microwave oven. It prepares daily meals for the astronauts in space.

As one of the places where Cantonese cuisine originated, Foshan is also well-known for its food. It has world-famous Cantonese desserts, such as Shunde double-skin milk, and Chencun rice noodles, a traditional delicacy that has been made since 1927. There are also a variety of snacks such as peanut paste, steamed rice in clay pot, fish skin, and local style fish sashimi.

Foshan is also a great city to live in. Qiandeng Lake, Yingyue Lake, Wenhan Lake, and Yihai Lake together create a garden-like environment. The city's Guicheng sub-district boasts 180 parks, 60 kilometers of walking trails, and over 120 kilometers of greenways.