Joint cultural feast between China and Saudi Arabia opens in Foshan Village
Foshan China 2023-03-04 12:43

On March 3, the offline digital exhibition of Intangible Cultural Heritage of China and Saudi Arabia was launched in Huangxi Ancient Village, Foshan. Hundreds of exhibits covering four major categories, clothing, food, accommodation and medicare make amazing appearance to visitors for free.

The opening ceremony of offline digital exhibition of Intangible Cultural Heritage of China and Saudi Arabia

Exchange in cultures

As the promotion ambassadors, the comic characters designed have featured distinct cultural elements, one ginger cat with traditional Chinese clothing, and one camel with white coat and shemagh.

Specifically, four major categories include multiple subdivisions, such as national clothing, authentic intangible cultural heritage food, special architecture, medical treasure, folklore etc. Over 300 exhibits have displayed the cultural heritages originated from people's daily life, which strengthened the cross-border communication in cultures between China and Saudi Arabia.

Huangxi Ancient Village in Foshan

Different from previous exhibitions held in museums, the offline exhibition this year was located in Huangxi Ancient Village in Foshan, which dates back to Song Dynasty. With 800 years of history, tons of ancient architecture since Ming and Qing Dynasty becomes natural showrooms for traditional cultural treasures of China and Saudi Arabia.

"These are the colored lanterns from different places of China. The small ones are made of paper with no frame at all." "This year is the Year of Rabbit. What about the next year?" During the event, guests from two countries made exchanges on intangible cultural heritage exhibits.

Consul General of Saudi Arabia in Guangzhou interacted with dancing lion

Exhibits displayed in the hall

On the first day of opening, there were also several activities held, like intangible cultural heritages fair and lion dance performance.

"Intangible cultural heritages are traditional with a long history, and innovative as keeping up with the times. They belong to the nation and the world." Zhu Xi, research personnel of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, said that based on the concept of communication and mutual enlightenment, the exhibition aims to inherit and promote ancient intangible cultural heritages, and build an everlasting bridge of cultural exchange with new technology.

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