Wing Chun: the martial art originated in Foshan is now practiced all over the world
Foshan China 2023-04-17 18:00

Foshan, the only one city hailed as "City of Kungfu" nationwide with various martial arts, of which Wing Chun is an important one. 

Foshan is known as the birthplace of Wing Chun, and it has a rich history of martial arts. Many famous martial artists, including Ip Man, grew up in Foshan and practiced Wing Chun here.

What's unique about Wing Chun is that it's designed for close-range combat and focuses on quick strikes and defensive techniques. It's a great martial art for people of all ages and abilities, as it doesn't rely on brute strength or athleticism, but on technique and efficiency of movement. Want to learn more about Wing Chun? Click in the video and find out!

Video produced by Foshanstyle