Jiujiang Dragon Boat Race returns during May Day with featured "Dragon Boat Feast"
Foshan China 2023-05-04 17:44

Nanhai saw a vigorous competition among hundreds of boats on May 1. The five-person dragon boat championship gave citizens a thrilling experience.

Get ready to feast your eyes on a massive photos!

One hundred powerful teams from Guangzhou, Zhongshan, Foshan, and other cities gathered at Beijiang River bank in Jiujiang, Nanhai to engage in an intense competition.

In Jiujiang, wherever a dragon boat racing is held, there will be dragon boat feast as well. For small-scale dragon boat events, people sit around small tables eating fresh river delicacies and drinking wine. For large-scale dragon boat races, a grand banquet is organized, bringing the entire city together in celebration.

The local villagers believe that having dragon boat feast can imbue them with the "spirit" of the dragon boat, bringing good luck and happiness for the year ahead.

Reporter | Eleanor

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Photo | Nanhai Jiujiang