Nanhai hosts Lion Dance Exercise contest to promote Cantonese culture
Foshan China 2023-05-08 16:15

On May 5, Art Field Nanhai · Lion Dance Exercise contest was held in the gymnasium of Nanhai Shixiao Experimental School. 31 teams from primary and middle schools in Nanhai district have gathered together to present wonderful performance.

Jointly created by Art Field Nanhai and Xiqiao Folk Music Primary School, Lion Dance Exercise is the only "music and dance" art project of the festival. Unveiled at the opening ceremony of Art Field Nanhai, it has created quite a phenomenon amony public as the dynamic rhythm presents the marvelous charm of Nanhai traditional culture.

Amid the vivid music, performance teams demonstrated their extraordinary skills with the synchronised movements. Additionally, performers skillfully combined Cantonese cultural elements like Cantonese opera and lion dance with the exercise. Zhou Shaowei, deputy director of the Nanhai Education Development Research Center, commented that Lion Dance Exercise extracts the classic movements from lion dance, promoting the inheritance and development of Nanhai lion dance culture.

The hosting of Art Field Nanhai · Lion Dance Exercise contest will further promote the Nanhai's reform of physical and aesthetic education in primary and middle schools. "Lion Dance Exercise is like a fertile soil carrying various seeds. I believe that it will inevitably create a good education ecology," said Tian Shumin, deputy director of the Nanhai Education Bureau.

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