Lion Dance Exercise video spreads all over Internet
Foshan China 2023-05-12 09:37

On May 7, CCTV Guangdong Station published a report about the Nanhai Lion Dance Exercise contest participated by students from 31 primary and middle schools, helping Xiqiao’s Lion Dance culture receive countrywide attention.

Jointly created by Art Field Nanhai and Xiqiao Folk Music Primary School, Lion Dance Exercise is the only "music and dance" art project of the art festival. With simple melody and dynamic rhythm, Lion Dance Exercise remarkably combines iconic lion dance movements with modern dance. Since this year, this art project has been introduced as special sports program to all primary and middle schools in Xiqiao Town, even in Nanhai District.

In recent years, Xiqiao lion dance culture has continued to raise attention with various reasons such as Lion Dance Exercise, films, and television dramas. For example, the cover article of China Today magazine also featured Xiqiao lion dance culture on May 4.

Located beside Xiqiao Mountain, Xiqiao Town is well-known as the root of dragon and lion dance and the hometown of Huang Feihong. The attention received in the whole country will further promote these excellent Cantonese traditional heritages, providing more opportunities for their inheritance and innovation.

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