Cultural Heritage Protection Month kicks off in Sanshui
Foshan China 2023-05-18 17:42

On May 16, the 2023 Sanshui Cultural Heritage Protection Month and the International Museum Day events were held at Sanshui Museum. Two major exhibitions, Zhang Zutai's Works Exhibition and Sanshui Basin Paleontological Fossils Exhibition also display at the museum, providing interactive experience for citizens.

70 paleontological specimens were also exhibited in the fossil exhibition, among which the most notable one is a nest of dinosaur eggs found in the Sanshui estuary. This exhibition has been prepared for two years, and the 70 paleontological fossils on display are selected from 177 specimens.

"Seeing these precious fossils gives us an clear idea of the evolution. Each of us should cherish these heritages," said Cai Weishi, a local primary student.

Next, Sanshui will continue to take a set of combined actions like expanding the category of exhibition halls, enriching exhibition modes and strengthening intangible cultural heritage, to better promote cultural knowledge and excellent traditional culture.

Reporter | Tang

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Photo | Foshan News and Media Center