Wooden dragon boats "awaken" in Gaoming, Foshan
Foshan China 2023-05-30 16:56

With the annual Dragon Boat Festival approaching, the passion of villagers from Gaoming for dragon boat racing has been ignited. On May 27, men villagers of Mobian Village in Gaoming dug out three dragon boats made of Pontianak wood from the inland river and Cangjiang River. Three dragon boats were dug out in turn and cleaned for maintenance in preparation for a dragon boat race on the first day of the fifth lunar month.

Villagers dug out dragon boats from the inland river of Mobian Village.

Villagers are cleaning the dragon boats.

The happiness of villagers shown on their faces.

Around Cangjiang River, villagers gathered to watch the boat digging process.

Reporter | Christy

Revisor | Eleanor, Eddie

Photo | Gaoming Converged Media Center