Childhood Memories of Foshan People
Foshan China 2023-06-02 12:04

With the annual June 1 Children's Day is coming again, does it remind you of your precious childhood? Do you remember the time when you had fun in the parks and shared snacks with your little friends? Now, let's get into the childhood memories of Foshan people to find out their childhood treasures.

Children's wonderlands

1. Foshan Amusement Park Recreation Center

Opened in 1985, Foshan Amusement Park Recreation Center used to be a must-go for generations of Foshan people. At that time, the little trains, carousels, the "J-5 fighter" model and ferris wheel were the favorites of many people.

The gate of Foshan Amusement Park Recreation Center

The little train

Little airplanes

The "J-5 fighter" model

2. Shunfeng Culture Arts Center

Opened in 1983, Shunfeng Culture Arts Center was historically a renowned amusement park for children in the Pearl River Delta. There were all kinds of amusement facilities, including bumper cars, small sports cars, swings, musical scooter, carousels and so on, among which, the "Li-2" civil airplane was the most eye-catching one, attracting many people to visit.

The "Li-2" civil airplane

The ferris wheel in Shunfeng Culture Center

3. Zhongshan Park

Zhongshan Park, built in 1930 in memory of Dr. Sun Yat-sen, is a comprehensive park integrating publicity, exhibition, science education, entertainment and leisure. In 1999, Zhongshan Park Zoo opened and attracted many visitors, because of its various wildlife, such as tigers, leopards and elephants. In 2003, acrobatic shows were introduced, providing various entertainment for citizens.

The gate of Zhongshan Park

The acrobatic show with an elephant

Actors were performing acrobatic show.

4. Da Liang Children's Palace

Located in Shunde District of Foshan, Da Liang Children's Palace was built in 1979, which has been a childhood memory for many of the post-1980s and post-1990s generations.

The gate of Da Liang Children's Palace

Children were having fun.

Children's favorite food

1. McDonald's

The first McDonald's in Foshan opened at Xinghua Shopping Mall, next to The Ancestral Temple in Chancheng District, which used to be the most popular fast food restaurant for many Foshan people, especially children.

2. Jianlibao Soda

3. Baifulu milk

4. Dakoujiu milk tea

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