The dragon boat spirit opens a way for Diebei's cultural tourism
Foshan China 2023-06-08 17:43

In the past month, Diebei community in Nanhai, Foshan has become the focus to media, including CCTV, due to its dragon boat drifting. Diebei community, formerly a shabby urban-rural junction area, has already changed completely.

With the dragon boat spirit, in recent years, Diebei has vigorously upgraded the living environment, enriched the cultural meaning of dragon boat, promoted the development of its cultural tourism industry, carving a new path of rural revitalization.

The dragon boat is with no doubt an important starting point for the community to promote rural revitalization. Dragon boat drifting, a new byword of the community, has been reported by CCTV and even foreign media. In fact, the revitalization of Diebei not only benefits from the upgrading of facilities and the transformation of the environment within the village, but also relies on the organic combination of traditional culture and modern fashion.

With the better environment and more tourists, opportunities descend Diebei. Today, there are not only water towns, dragon boats, but also modern trendy car culture. The collision of new culture and old traditions ignite the future of Diebei, opening a new path for its characteristic cultural tourism industry.

Next, supported by local government's policies, Diebei will strive to create a characteristic tourism industry with a multi-functional living-dining-entertainment-experiencing tour route, which enable tourists fully enjoy the charm of Lingnan water towns and culture.

Reporter | Tang

Revisor | Christy, Eleanor

Photo | Chen Haoran, Nanhai Guicheng