Meet Intangible Cultural Heritage: Overseas friends experience Foshan's wonderful culture
Foshan China 2023-06-12 17:33

From June 9 to 10, more than 20 officials and their families from the consulates in Guangzhou of countries such as Turkey, Poland and Angola, experienced the traditional custom like dragon boat rowing and making zongzi, and enjoyed the intangible cultural heritage arts of Shiwan ceramics, feeling the charm of Lingnan traditional culture.

This year marks the fourth year of the "Meet Intangible Cultural Heritage" event. In the past three years, overseas friends from Japan, the UK, Australia, the Netherlands and other countries have experienced a variety of intangible cultural heritages such as pottery, Xiangyun Silk, Cantonese opera, and Wing Chun.

Coinciding with the Dragon Boat Festival, on June 9, the guests visited the Nadeli Dragon Boat Base to learn about the dragon boat culture and experience the fun of making zongzi. Under the instruction of the base coach, the guests learned the rowing skills and movements. Later on, they participated in a mini experiencing dragon boat race, to physically feel the vibe of this traditional event.

"Dragon boat rowing is both about strength and art, and our dragon boat team won the first place with perfect teamwork!" Ms. Judith Albino da Costa, Consul General of Angola in Guangzhou said excitedly after the race.

On June 10, the guests visited Ancient Nanfeng Kiln to explore the history of Foshan Shiwan ceramics culture and experience the ceramics art. Walking into the Guangdong Shiwan Ceramics Museum, the ceramic works in the museum really amazed the consular officials.

With the help from pottery masters, the guests tried ceramics making such as blanking, glazing and hand kneading, and created their own unique pottery works, gaining a deeper understanding of Foshan's ceramics culture.

"Both as being Silk Road countries, Turkey and China share very similar ceramic skills, but also have distinct artistic characteristics. The feeling of finding differences in similarities and resonating in differences is amazing." Mr. Kurtulus AYKAN, Consul General of Turkey in Guangzhou, commented.

The "Meet Intangible Cultural Heritage" event will also hold business exchange activities and exhibitions on June 20, when foreign consuls and representatives of foreign commerce associations will be invited to exchange their ideas on the internationalization of the business environment in Foshan.

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