Nanhai attracts international attention at 2023 Hong Kong ITE
Foshan China 2023-06-19 18:01

On June 15, the 2023 Hong Kong International Travel Expo (ITE) officially kicked off at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. The "Nan Pan Shun" (Nanhai, Panyu and Shunde) Tourism Alliance once again jointly brought a Lingnan cultural feast to tourists and exhibitors from all over the world.

At the opening ceremony, lion dancers from Nanhai Xiqiao Lion Dance Arts Hall jumped on a high pile, receiving lots of applause from the audience. This is the 17th time that Nanhai Lion Dance was invited to the ITE, which has become a classical program at every opening ceremony.

"This is the best lion dance show I've ever seen," said Hong Kong citizen Annie. She also said that the tall pile lion dance performance was very impressive, and hoped to have the opportunity to experience the lion dance culture and taste local cuisine in Nanhai.

Dong Chonghua, the second-generation descendant of Ip Man's Wing Chun, has participated in the ITE for the second time. He performed Wing Chun Kung Fu and teaches Wing Chun moves enthusiastically and interactively with the audience.

"I feel very honored to learn Wing Chun originated from Ip Man!," said Ms. Fan. By learning Wing Chun with Master Dong, she experienced the power, speed, and skill of Wing Chun for the first time, and also felt the charm of Nanhai Kung Fu culture.

The ancient village cultural tourism theme project from Jiujiang, Nanhai, makes use of traditional history and culture to design an ancient village tour route that integrates dragon boat culture, rural aesthetics, mulberry fishponds, and historical attractions, attracting exhibitors from the GBA to come for exchanges and cooperation. Guan Jiahua, the founder of the project, hoped to promote the dragon boat culture of Nanhai through the ITE.

In addition, the Nanhai cultural and creative boutique exhibition area, Nanhai specialty booths and photo taking check-in points are also set up, attracting the attention of many experts and tourists.

The 2023 Hong Kong International Travel Expo is held from June 15 to 18 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. With the theme of "Towards Full Recovery", the ITE attracts more than 400 exhibitors from 50 countries and regions and is expected to conclude with about 60,000 visits. The "Nan Pan Shun" Tourism Alliance Exhibition Area is located at booth M109-M110.

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