Foshan ceramics shine in Macao
Foshan China 2023-07-06 17:04

With the grand opening of 2023 Spring of Macao—Gala for Artists of Macao and the Mainland in late June, Foshan's ceramics shined brightly in the Exhibition Hall of the Wynn Palace in Macao. At the event, a total of 60 classic ceramic works created by artists from Foshan were displayed and admired by many of the participants and media.

Launched in 2011, Spring of Macao—Gala for Artists of Macao and the Mainland has witnessed a consecutive success in 12 sessions. It has become a well-known brand for cultural exchanges between Macao and the mainland and an important platform for artists of the two to unite together, exchange cultures, deepen friendship and cooperation.

Taking this opportunity, Foshan Federation of Literary and Art Circles and Foshan Ceramic Artists Association actively undertook the Foshan Ceramic Art Exhibition. 60 selected ceramic works created by eminent ceramic artists of different generations in Foshan were displayed at the exhibition. By highlighting the four major characteristics of Foshan ceramics, including locality, profound craftsmanship heritage, rich patriotic sentiments, and outstanding openness, the exhibition focused on the current situation, key features, and future development of Foshan ceramic art. This comprehensive exhibition fully showcased the abundant cultural heritage and unique artistic charm of Shiwan ceramic art, further enhancing the cultural reputation of Foshan as a millennium-old capital of ceramics and establishing the brand of "Beautiful Shiwan, China's and the world's ceramic paradise."

Meanwhile, the Federation of Literary and Art Circles of Foshan and the Foshan Ceramic Artists Association also hosted a special seminar at the event, delving into the artistic status and influence of Shiwan ceramics. The seminar strived to promote more contemporary Chinese ceramics go global, deepen the "Foshan + Macau" cultural exchanges, contribute to the construction of the humanity arts of the Bay Area, thus fostering an innovative transformation and development as well as the globalization of Foshan ceramics.

"When I saw the Foshan ceramic works for the first time, I was deeply impressed by their exquisite artistic vividness. Their portrayals of figures and animals were very delicate and unique," said Dong Zhanshun, Director of the Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Office of the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, who expressed his appreciation for Foshan ceramics at the opening ceremony of the exhibition. He greatly hoped to promote Foshan ceramics worldwide. As Macao is an important platform for Sino-Western exchanges, he hoped that through this exhibition, Foshan ceramics could be introduced to the world.

The 2023 Spring of Macao -- Gala for Artists of Macao and the Mainland has received extensive recognition from mainstream media in China. According to People's Daily, the exhibition "showcased the unique charm of Lingnan and Cantonese culture and reflected the pioneering, innovative spirit of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area in the field of arts." China News Network spoke highly of the Shiwan ceramics, which is loved by the general public for its simple style, lifelike images, relatability to daily life, intriguing charm, and the reflection of the joys, sorrows, hopes of Chinese people.

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Photo | Foshan Federation of Literary and Art