Urban Renewal Exhibition of Lingnan Tiandi wins 2023 Red Dot Award
Foshan China 2023-07-26 17:38

Recently, Sheng Urban Renewal Exhibition of Lingnan Tiandi won 2023 Red Dot Award (Brand and Communication Design), The Red Dot Award, originating from Germany, is on par with the IF Design Award, is the largest and most influential design competition in the world.

This year, Lingnan Tiandi, relying on the exceptional natural landscape of Foshan, aims to revitalize ancient buildings by establishing the Sheng Urban Renewal Exhibition based on situational experience design.

"Sheng", name of the exhibition hall, with the same pronunciation of "生", meaning "life" in Chinese, is endowed with the meaning of life, vitality, and vigor. It symbilizes the everlasting universe and the continuity of life.

Focusing on the core expression of "the integration of life, vitality and vigor", the exhibition applies cutting-edge multimedia technologies to condense the millennium-old history of Foshan's ancient towns, the essence of Lingnan intangible cultural heritage, and Lingnan Tiandi's decade-long history of urban renewal, depicting how Foshan becomes a city inheriting the Lingnan culture of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area with its ancient towns.

Walking into Sheng Exhibition Hall, visitors can immerse themselves with six major exhibition areas, including Glimpse of Lingnan, Vibe of Tiandi, Traversing History, Exploring Culture, Delving into daily Life, and Sustaining Renewal.

A plaque at the entrance inscribed by Zhu Jingyi, a well-known cross-media artist and founder of Nanmen Calligraphy and Stereoscopic Ink, signifies the theme of the exhibition. In fact, the interior decorations of the exhibition hall express unique cultural connotations. Entering the exhibition hall, visitors will see a stereoscopic scroll painting depicting Foshan's intangible cultural heritage of paper-cutting and conveying the first impression of Lingnan Tiandi. Within the hall, the stairs showcase the critical historical chapters of Foshan's ancient town over the past 1,300 years, and the window beside acts as the platform through which Foshan connects the world.

The most eye-catching design of the exhibition hall is the 120-second immersive film space, which displays the emotional connection between Lingnan culture and the continuity of renewal. The 24-grid paper-cut, the long scroll painting, and the long table all vividly present the story of Lingnan culture's continuing vitality in Lingnan Tiandi.

It is hoped that the Sheng Exhibition Hall will help open a new window for dialogue between Foshan and the world and provide a new platform for Foshan to promote Lingnan culture and tell the story of Foshan to the world, achieving the vision of "looking at the world from Lingnan and letting the world know about Lingnan."

The exhibition is currently open for appointment visits, which can be made through the iTiandi mini program on Wechat.

Reporter | Christy

Revisor | Eleanor, Linn

Photo | Lingnan Tiandi