500 sqm Traditional Chinese Medicine Center Opens in Guicheng
Foshan China 2023-08-17 09:16

On August 13, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) facility of Guicheng Community Health Service Center officially commenced operation. Covering an expansive area of nearly 500 square meters, it marks a significant stride towards enhanced healthcare in Guicheng.

"The Community Health Center aspires to become the guardian of grassroots health, solidifying its role as a resource and service hub for primary medical and healthcare needs," expressed Cao Limin, a member of the Guicheng Sub District Party Working Committee. Commending the center's development over five years, Cao emphasized the urgency, responsibility, and dedication of medical professionals to fortify community health in the coming five years.

Fulfilling Community Healthcare Needs - A Comprehensive Offering of 14 Services

Positioned at the Guicheng Community Health Service Center, this new TCM center covers an area of nearly 500 square meters. With an investment of over 2.5 million yuan, it offers a diverse range of 14 services catering to the healthcare requirements of Guicheng locals. The services are strategically designed to accommodate the medical and rehabilitative needs of the community.

Embrace the New TCM Facility

The center unveils a spacious and modern atmosphere, seamlessly blending comfort with elegant Chinese aesthetics. Equipped with four traditional Chinese medicine consultation rooms, two rehabilitation therapy rooms, waiting areas, and a Chinese herbal medicine dispensary, this facility ensures comprehensive patient care. Registering, diagnosis, treatment, and therapy procedures are streamlined for the convenience of the community.

Additionally, the center is equipped with advanced facilities, including short-wave therapy machines, traditional Chinese medicine fumigation devices, and traction beds. This advanced infrastructure not only aligns with modern medical practices but also bolsters patient recovery.

Elevating Community Well-being

The center is a beacon of TCM expertise, housing traditional Chinese medicine practitioners and rehabilitation therapists who offer a spectrum of services. From acupuncture and moxibustion to cupping therapy, the center caters to various health concerns of the community.

The center emphasizes the traditional Chinese method of diagnosis through sight, smell, inquiry, and touch. The individualized consultation rooms ensure patient confidentiality while the practitioners, during pulse diagnosis, offer dietary recommendations tailored to patients' conditions.

A Stronger Medical Network for Foshan

Foshan's strategic approach in constructing a robust healthcare network reflects its commitment to providing top-tier medical services to its residents. The development of the Guicheng TCM Center aligns with Foshan’s effort to optimize healthcare resources, ensuring citizens' well-being. With future plans to expand the network to encompass 45 community health service stations, Foshan is paving the way for modern and efficient healthcare services that cater to every corner of the city.


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