Innovation and Co-creation Contribute to Lishui's Cultural Development
Foshan China 2023-09-07 16:02

On August 18, the Lishui River Co-creation Plan Roadshow was held, showcasing the achievements of the first phase of Lishui River Open Co-creation Plan.

At the event, participants introduced their cultural and creative ideas, including design concepts, product features, and implementation plans. Judges and participants discussed the presentation format, thematic relevance, creative ideas, and development prospects of the works, creating a favorable atmosphere for collaborative innovation in the cultural and tourism industry.

Co-creation of Property Companies: Well-developed with local characteristics

"As a Lishui native, I hope to bring more innovative ideas to Lishui's development. The Rural Revitalization Pavilion is the place I design," said Peng Jingyi, a young Lishui resident, introducing the construction plan for her work. She wants to create the first high-end restaurant with unique cultural and tourism features in Lishui, which serves dishes with rich cultural background and native traditional elements. It aims to promote the reputation of Dreamy Water Town and the brand of Rural Revitalization Pavilion.

Wang Xiangnü, founder of M. A. O. and a graduate from the Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University, positions Shuikou Village in Liuchao Community as a leading cultural integration hub in the Pearl River Delta. The project, aiming to cultivate a mini demonstrated art park, will introduce artworks worth 200 million yuan for exhibition and circulation, and transform Shuikou Park into a sculpture park, colliding with the local intangible cultural heritage to enhance aesthetics of young people.

Unintentional Camping Management (Guangdong) Co., Ltd., a leading camping brand in the Yangtze River Delta, plans to create a luxury camping brand on Xianlu Island, featuring "market + party + accommodation + themed IP" experience. The company will provide overnight and day camping projects targeting different needs. Additionally, according to eight different themes, including four seasons and trendy festivals, multiple areas, such as a bonfire zone, an outdoor cinema area, and stages, will be specially set up, where visitors can enjoy more than 20 activities.

Design of University Students: Full of highlights and Creativity

Notably, the Cultural and Creative Design Competition of Lishui River Co-creation Plan has not only attracted many outstanding companies but also engaged young university students, who have injected new energy into the co-creation plan through their innovative thinking.

Among them, Starlight Team from the "Wings Out Program" designs a series of brick models inspired by Foshan's martial arts master Yao Daning, featuring poses with a staff, horseback archery, and martial arts kicks. The design aims to bridge the gap between traditional culture and the younger generation and surprise customers with blind boxes.

Works of Professionals: Indicate Wide Prospects for Design Application and Implementation

The competition within the Cultural and Creative Group is extremely fierce, showcasing an exceptionally high quality, due to the engagement of professional cultural communication companies, which have greatly widened the prospects of the overall design application and implementation.

Among them, Foshan Brainstorming Alliance Advertising Planning Co., Ltd., prefers scented sachets as the carrier for cultural and creative design in view of young people's psychological need of pursuing a better quality of life. The designers of the company explained that the inspiration for these scented sachets came from the appearance of the Zhanqi Tower, one of Foshan's most famous scenic spots. They combine the image of Zhanqi Tower with the trending minimalist design style. Also, auspicious clouds, a typical image of traditional Chinese culture, are added as embellishments, echoing the ancient-style of the Zhanqi Tower and creating a unique aesthetic atmosphere.

In addition, Guangzhou Anchuang Cultural Communication Co., Ltd. creates decorative paintings and jewelry inspired by the picturesque natural scenery of Lishui. The company will further extend these cultural and creative design elements to interactive sculptures, landscape walls, and screens, to deepen tourists' recognition and understanding of Lishui culture.

Zeng Hui, the chairman of Lishui High-level Talent Association and vice general manager of Guangdong YOUKAI Technical Co., Ltd., expresses that the development of the economy has attracted a group of technology professionals and young talents to Lishui. The Lishui River Co-creation Plan has provided a excellent platform for the development of the cultural tourism industry in Lishui, meanwhile creating a better consumption platform for consumers and promoting the reasonable flow of wealth created in Lishui. He believes that Lishui has fully developed an interactive industrial cluster between industry and cultural tourism industry, making it a livable, business-friendly, and tourist-friendly place. In the future, Lishui will continue to leverage the technological strength of enterprises to contribute to the local cultural tourism industry.

According to Zeng Feifan, Deputy Mayor of Lishui Town, the roadshow has presented three prominent characteristics. First of all, the roadshow features the wide participation of attendees, bringing together university students, experienced companies in the catering and cultural communication industries, representatives from prestigious institutions like Arts & Design Academy of Tsinghua University, and local entrepreneurs, making it truly a gathering of talents. Secondly, the co-creation space and design of cultural and creative products can well interpret the core essence of the three popular attractions in Lishui. Besides, Designers' ideas and creativity are grounded in the market, aiming to achieve economic co-creation and career success through market-oriented approaches.

The Lishui River Co-creation Plan is implemented through four measures: youth involvement, art and culture activation, industrial co-creation, and community participation. It aims to utilize both tangible and intangible resources in the Lishui River area that are currently available or can be transformed for the development, incubation, and operation of cultural tourism projects, to attract social capital for co-creation through rental pricing, fund investment, business alliances, etc., creating an open co-creation platform between Baiyun (Guangzhou) and Lishui (Foshan).

Since the launching of the event in June this year, it has attracted numerous outstanding young talents to participate. They work together to bring forth new ideas, discover potential, engage in open co-creation, and create localized and innovative IPs, showcasing infinite possibilities for Lishui's development.

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