Shunde Louvre Dragon Boat Team Dominates China Dragon Boat Open Championship
Foshan China 2023-09-12 17:39

On September 10, at the 2023 China Dragon Boat Open Championship in Zhaoping, Guangxi, teams competed fiercely in various dragon boat events. The Shunde Lecong Louvre Dragon Boat Team emerged as the biggest winner of the competition, clinching first place in the 3000-meter race, winning gold in the 100-meter, 500-meter races, and gaining the highest aggregate scores. Their exceptional performance showcased their dominance in the sport.

The China Dragon Boat Open Championship, established in 2011, is a prestigious competition in the world of dragon boat racing. In this event, the men's 22-member dragon boat races included 100-meter, 200-meter, 500-meter straight-line races, and a 3000-meter race around buoys.

The Shunde Lecong Louvre Dragon Boat Team participated in all the men's events. The team, with an average age of 23.4 years, had one of its youngest lineups ever. In the 3000-meter race held on September 9, they showcased their stamina and strength, securing first place with a time of 11 minutes and 45.640 seconds, boosting team morale.

On September 10, the intense competition continued with the 100-meter, 200-meter, and 500-meter straight-line races. In the 100-meter final, the team displayed exceptional coordination, crossing the finishing line in 20.993 seconds to claim another gold medal.

Coach Feng Guojing admitted that the team encountered some issues during the 200-meter final but saw it as an opportunity for improvement. After two days of intense competition, the team emerged as the champions in the 100-meter and 500-meter straight-line races, securing second place in the 200-meter race, and taking the overall team points championship.

The team's leader, Luo Kai, expressed their dedication, saying, "In every race, we give it our all and strive for the victory." Their goal was to win the overall championship, and their hard work paid off with outstanding results in Zhaoping.

Next, the Shunde Lecong Louvre Dragon Boat Team plans to address their weaknesses, intensify their training, and prepare for the 2023 China Dragon Boat Open Championship Finals in Nanping, Fujian, in November, as well as the China Dragon Boat Grand Prix. The latter is the most prestigious dragon boat competition in China, set to take place in Shunde in November this year.


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