Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Quyi Art Week kicks off in Shunde
Foshan China 2023-09-14 17:03

The opening ceremony of the 3rd Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Cultural Art Festival, as well as the 2023 GBA Quyi Art Week, kicked off on September 13 in Shunde.

Famous Quyi artists include Liu Lanfang, Gong Hanlin, Liang Yurong, Huang Junying have attended the event.

To promote cultural exchanges between Shunde and other cities across the country, Quyi Art Week takes Quyi art as its expressive form, "Humanistic Bay Area" as its core and "Rap of GBA" as its theme, aiming to create a Quyi culture with contemporary features and youthful fashion in GBA.

Quyi is the collective term for the Chinese ethnic rap art, which is the most distinctive and a folk-oriented form of performing arts in China. It is also an important cultural carrier of local folk arts. With the shared language and cultural heritage in GBA, Lingnan Quyi has a wide fan base in the region, thanks to its profound cultural heritage.

What are the highlights for 2023 GBA Quyi Art Week? Please check the schedule provided below.

Opening ceremony of 2023 GBA Quyi Art Week

Quyi Cultural Salon

The Quyi Cultural Salon serial activities will invite renowned Quyi artists and experts to engage in face-to-face exchanges at local cultural venues with distinctive characteristics. Also, representatives and experts of various Quyi genres from both northern and southern China will be invited to share their experiences in both the development of Quyi and individual creations. Through the art lecture, they will explore the direction of Quyi cultural development and innovation.

This event will actively explore the cultural value of Quyi in villages of Shunde District, such as Dalang, Ronggui, Jun'an, and integrate with local cultural elements via "Quyi+" approach. By inviting artists to physically experience the Quyi and other traditional cultures in Shunde, it aims to promote the integration in between. Eventually, it is to achieve innovation conversion between local cultures and Quyi, realizing significant development of Quyi art.

Citywalk of Quyi culture in Shunde

Preview of all exciting Quyi shows

Starting from September 13 and ends on September 16, it is a marvelous Quyi feast for everyone.

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