Two Museums in Shunde Listed in Guangdong's Top 100 Popular Museums
2023-10-13 17:37

From September 29 to October 6, Guangdong's museums welcomed a total of approximately 5.8 million visitors. Remarkably, Shunde's Qinghui Garden Museum has attracted over 170,000 visitors, ranking in the provincial top 10. Shunde Museum also hosted 60,000 visitors, achieving 675% increase. Both these two museums are listed on the top 100 popular museums in Guangdong Province for the third quarter of 2023.

High Demand for Museum Reservations

It is reported that Shunde District Museum has attracted about 60,000 visitors, with 52,000 of them from places outside Foshan. Meanwhile, Shunde's Qinghui Garden Museum has recorded a visitor volume of 170,000, being the most popular museum in Foshan and 34th in the provincial ranking of top 100 popular museums.

Various activities provided

During the holiday, both museums have provided various cultural exhibition and activities to citizens. For instance, the exhibition of "Small Insects · Big World - Exquisite insect specimens exhibition" provided by Shunde District Museum has drawn public attention. Aiming to present the knowledge in a funny way, it has displayed over 1000 pieces from all over the world across four major sections, "Get to know inserts", "Way to survive", "Fun facts about inserts" & "Inserts and human." As a result, over 50k visitors have come for this exhibition, with maximal daily visitor volume of 9k.

Meanwhile, Shunde's Qinghui Garden Museum has held three amazing exhibitions during the holiday, "The Speech of Colourful Porcelain - Shunde District Cultural Association Color Porcelain Exhibition", "City, Town & Village - Photo Exhibition of National Historical and Cultural City, Town & Village in Guangdong", and "Colour Eaves in China - Li Zhilong Ancient Architecture Photography Exhibition."

Reporter | Eddie

Revisor | Lynn, Eleanor

Photo | Foshan News and Media Center