Twice a Month! Nanhai Kungfu receives CCTV's recognition
Foshan China 2023-12-06 16:47

Recently, the innovative program "Listening to books in former residence" with an episode featuring Ye Man and Wong Fei-hung has been broadcasted on CCTV-3 Variety Channel. This episode delves into the martial arts culture, and the enchanting charm of Lingnan cultural city.

When it comes to Nanhai Kungfu, most people may come up with Wong Fei-hung, Yip Man, and Hong's Fist (Hung Gar), Shadowless kick, and Wing Chun. Nanhai Kungfu was originated from the folk, with a strong hustle and bustle. It is believed that wherever has Nanhai people, there must be Nanhai Kungfu, showing how popular Nanhai Kungfu is. Well beyond an art, Kungfu also represents a fighting spirit.

With thousand years of history, Foshan is the main gathering place and birthplace of southern martial arts in China, and won the title of "City of Chinese Martial Arts" in 2004. As an vital part of Foshan Kungfu culture, Nanhai has cultivated many martial art masters such as Wong Fei-hung, Yip Man and Yao Daning. After years of inheritance, martial arts has not only become a fitness sport strengthen people's body,, but also a spiritual gene of the Nanhai people.

According to preliminary statistics, the current population of martial art practitioners in Nanhai has exceeded 60,000. Currently, there are 233 martial art schools, including Wing Chun, Hong's fist, Choi Lee Fut, Tai Chi, Dragon Shape Kungfu, Bak Mei Kung and other 54 representative schools. In addition, there are more than 2,700 martial art lion dancing teams in Nanhai. Remarkably, 65 primary and secondary schools in Nanhai have their own martial art lion dancing teams and they would hold martial arts competitions and performances more than 80 times a year.

Traditional martial art is the foundation of Nanhai Kungfu, and the essence of martial art has been preserved through generation after generation, giving it a unique local character. As the society develops, the application scenario of martial art has changed. Nowadays, the inheritance of Nanhai martial art has also advanced with time and introduced new ideas.

Nanhai has been actively promoting the excavation and application of intangible cultural heritage projects. At present, it has identified 77 municipal representative intangible heritage projects (including expansion projects), including 2 national, 14 provincial, 24 municipal and 37 district level. The protection of intangible cultural heritage is not only limited to inheritance, but more importantly, to make intangible cultural heritage alive and popular. In recent years, while coordinating and promoting the application of Cantonese Culture Ecological Protection Area (Nanhai), Nanhai has continuously strengthened the dissemination of intangible cultural heritage and innovative display forms.

As an important part of excellent traditional Chinese culture, the Nanhai Lion dance was selected into the first batch of National Intangible Cultural Heritage representative projects list in 2006. At present, it is further digging the lion dancing culture, working together with e-sports, animation and other cultural creative industries, and continue to expand the brand influence of the lion dance.The traditional cultural innovation of lion dancing will be transformed into an emerging industry in Nanhai.

Through introducing intangible cultural heritage to residential accommodation, scenic spots, campus, and the business circle, various forms of activities like exhibitions and performances, curriculum experience, cultural and creative integration program can provide immersive experience of Nanhai cultural inheritance.

In recent years, competitions like the Nanhai Lion Dance Kungfu Culture Carnival, the World Chinese Lion Dance Competition, the World Wing Chun Competition, the World Hong Boxing Competition and other brand events were held in Nanhai, which improve the reputation of Nanhai Kungfu culture.

In the future, Nanhai will continuously use Kungfu as a medium, combine the integration of "Kungfu + tourism", "Kungfu + culture" with "Kungfu + food", promote the development of the martial arts industry, the integration of culture, business and tourism, create Kungfu IP, and polish the city brand.


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