Foshan ICH Unveils Dragon-themed Paper-Cutting Artworks
Foshan China 2024-02-02 15:22

As the Lunar New Year approaches, many citizens flock to Songfeng Road in Chancheng District over the weekend to shop for festive goods. Among various New Year items, the most popular are figurines featuring dragon elements.

According to some merchants on Songfeng Road, they have prepared for the Lunar New Year goods since December last year.

The iconic New Year items with Foshan elements would be the exquisite artworks created by intangible cultural heritage artisans. Foshan's intangible cultural heritage inheritor, Li Wentao, a master of traditional colorful lanterns, is currently crafting a dragon-shaped lantern over 6 meters long.

Foshan's paper-cutting intangible cultural heritage inheritor, Deng Chunhong, collaborated with several brand merchants to launch a co-branded product featuring the zodiac dragon just before the New Year.

Deng Chunhong stated, 'By the end of December last year, we were already preparing dragon-themed artworks. We've completed three to four custom-made dragon artworks, and in the future, we'll continue to create more dragon-themed pieces, blending traditional and modern elements to appeal to younger generation.'

In addition to co-branded products, Deng Chunhong has created two different types of artworks: copper-engraved paper cuts and monochromatic paper cuts. One of the monochromatic paper cutting pieces, titled 'Auspicious Dragon Bringing Blessings,' incorporates traditional Chinese culture, such as lush green mountains and clear waters, portraying the positive energy of dragons—uplifting, united, and harmonious. Deng Chunhong hopes that through her artworks, she can convey good wishes to all citizens in the coming New Year.

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