Songfeng Road Spring Market in Chancheng District to Open on February 5
Foshan China 2024-02-06 18:13

Starting from February 5, the Songfeng Road Spring Festival Flower Market in Chancheng District is set to open, with many vendors already preparing their stalls and citizens eager to visit.

Located on Songfeng Road in Chancheng District, the Spring Festival Flower Market at Zumiao has long been renowned as the "Fai Chun Street." For this flower market, many shop owners specializing in festive decorations have opted to rent stalls at the entrance, adorning them with vibrant red ornaments, enhancing the market's festive atmosphere.

The Zumiao Songfeng Road Spring Festival Flower Market will run for 5 days. During this period, it will close at 22:00 each day from February 5 to 8, extending to the early morning for cleanup on February 10. Approximately 233 booths are set up, primarily featuring the sale of flowers and kumquats. Additionally, there is a charity sales area and a limited number of food stalls.

Beyond the flower market, the historical buildings of Liang's Garden and Shi'anli are also located in the Songfeng Road area. After purchasing Spring Festival flowers and admiring the ancient architecture, residents can explore nearby commercial areas such as Guorui Shengping and Dongfang Square for shopping and dining.

Zumiao Songfeng Road Spring Festival Flower Market

Date: February 5 to 9, spanning 5 days

Location: Songfeng Road, Zumiao Sub-District, Chancheng District

Highlights: Approximately 233 booths. This year's flower market features a variety of flowers and kumquats, with a dedicated charity sales area and a few select boutique stalls.

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