Festive Vibe at the Grand Event Crossing Tongji Bridge
Foshan China 2024-02-26 18:58

The grand folk cultural event "Crossing Tongji Bridge" was held from February 23 to 25.

The lively scenes of "Crossing Tongji Bridge".

This year, "Crossing Tongji Bridge" in Chancheng is not only entertaining and delightful but also trendy and vibrant, with the added excitement of consumer vouchers, gift packages, and prize winnings.

"Crossing Tongji Bridge" cultural and tourism characteristic activities.

On the one hand, Chancheng is collaborating with major commercial districts and scenic areas to launch a series of activities, focusing on presenting the top ten traditional cultures of Foshan.

For example, the 2024 National Dragon and Lion Dance Grand Event was held at the Foshan Creative Industry Park. The Zumiao Museum and Liang's Garden was opened for night tours, featuring lion dances, martial arts, and Cantonese opera performances.

Shiwan Chinese Zoadic Pottery Exhibition

On the other hand, various travel agencies have launched nearly 40 "Tongji Bridge" themed tourist routes, attracting guests from all over to experience the Tongji activities in Chancheng.

Enriching the cultural and tourism consumption.

Firstly, the "Chuihong Tide Market" was set up in Chuihong Park and Foshan Paradise with 93 booths in the form of a national trend-themed market.

Secondly, "Crossing Tongji Bridge" photo installations were set up in commercial complexes, complementing various promotional activities to further attract consumers and increase spending.

Thirdly, Tongji market booths were held on Pulan Road, actively connecting with old-brand stores, cultural and creative brands.

Fourthly, the automotive industry association has led car dealers to set up theme car exhibitions.

"Chancheng Tongji" Charity Cultural Check-In Spot

The event integrating Lingnan traditional dragon and lion culture with charity IP, was held in the Foshan Creative Industry Park and Foshan Paradise.

2024 Lantern Festival Charity Concert

The Lantern Festival Charity Concert was held at the Creative Industry Park.

2024 "Crossing Tongji Bridge" Charity Bazaar

On the Lantern Festival, the District Charity Association also held a heartwarming market near the "Tongji Bridge".

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