Foshan Kung Fu Journey: Foshan-Macau Youth Meet Through Martial Arts
Foshan China 2024-04-28 18:30

From April 20 to April 21, the martial arts team of University of Macau came to Foshan to participate in a two-day Foshan Kungfu activity with the teachers and students from Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan Affairs Office of Foshan University and the Kun Chi Shang Wu team. The activity promoted the cultural exchange and communication between Foshan and Macau.

As the first stop of the activity, they visited the Kung Fu exhibition hall at the Craftsman Museum of Foshan University and practized the martial arts in the Training Hall of the Xianxi Campus.

Li Renfang, a coach of University of Macau's martial arts team, said that persisting in martial arts training is not only for physical fitness and self-protection but also for promoting and inheriting traditional culture.

Dai Wujun, the creator of the seated Wing Chun (坐式咏春) at Foshan University, said that integrating martial arts into the university student community is an innovative form of management, promoting and inheriting traditional martial arts culture among college students.

Later on, they arrived the second stop, Wong Feihong Memorial Hall and Yip Man Hall in Ancestral Temple.

Students not only gained a comprehensive understanding of Foshan's rich history but also learned the characteristics of intangible culture. Moreover, they experienced rich and interesting Kung Fu techniques. In the Yip Man Hall, they deeply felt the spirit of martial arts of a generation of masters.

The last stop of the journey was visiting Tapo, the birthplace of Foshan, witnessing Foshan's development and reflecting the unique charm of the traditional culture of Foshan.

Subsequently, under the guidance of Li Weifeng, the inheritor of Foshan's Choy Lee Fut and Vice Chairman of Foshan Youth Federation, the students visited the Hongsheng Memorial Hall to learn the history of early Chinese revolutionaries defending their homeland, as well as the inheritance and development of Southern martial arts Choy Lee Fut.

Members of both martial arts teams demonstrated various representative intangible cultural heritage martial arts such as Wing Chun (咏春), Choy Lee Fut (蔡李佛拳), Taijiquan (太极拳), and Mantis Fist (螳螂拳), making teachers and students deeply feel the profoundness of Chinese martial, foundation and vigorous development of Foshan, as a martial arts city.

The series activity of intangible culture exchange among Bay Area youth, initiated by Foshan University has been held for two years, using city walk as the activity format.

This "Meet Through Martial Arts" event with University of Macau is not only a two-way martial arts event but also a journey for the youth of the Bay Area to explore traditional martial arts culture and intangible cultural heritage, enhancing spiritual resonance and cultural identity among them, which witnesses the inheritance and development of intangible cultural heritage in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

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