Foshan's Cultural Legacy Shines at Canton Tower
Foshan China 2024-04-26 14:49

In a celebration of heritage and innovation, Canton Tower hosts an exhibition spotlighting Lingnan intangible cultural heritage. Opening on April 22, the exhibition unveils over 100 artifacts. From Foshan woodblock printing to intricately crafted Lion Dance adornments and Shiwan pottery sculptures, the exhibition highlights the rich tapestry of Foshan's cultural heritage.

Lion Dance adornments

The exhibition showcases over 100 artifacts, primarily sourced from generational teachings, personal masterpieces, creative works, and foundation support. It encompasses a diverse array of intangible cultural heritage, spanning Cantonese embroidery, Cantonese enamel crafting, Guangzhou filigree artistry, traditional furniture making, Foshan woodblock printing, Lion Dance adornments, Shiwan pottery, Fengxi porcelain craftsmanship from Chaozhou, traditional sword casting techniques, and Yangjiang lacquerware decoration. Through a synergy of landmark, tourism, and intangible heritage, it amplifies the allure and impact of Lingnan's cultural heritage.

Shiwan pottery

Foshan woodblock printing

Among the ten intangible cultural heritage projects, three are Foshan's national-level ones, including Foshan woodblock printing, Lion Dance adornments, and Shiwan pottery. On the opening day, Foshan woodblock printing inheritor, Liu Zhongping, briefed guests on its development.

Liu Zhongping 

Visitors to the exhibition can expect more than just static displays. With interactive experiences and guided tours, attendees can delve deeper into the significance and craftsmanship behind each artifact. Additionally, the exhibition offers live demonstrations and hands-on activities, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the living heritage of Foshan.

As Foshan's cultural legacy takes center stage at Canton Tower, it invites visitors to embark on a journey of discovery and appreciation for the vibrant traditions of Lingnan culture.

Exhibition Time: Exhibition runs until July 31st, open daily from 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM; holiday and special event hours subject to ticket office notice.

Ticket Reservation: Free tickets must be reserved online through the Canton Tower website in advance due to limited daily availability.

Admission Policy: Each adult ticket grants entry for two children under 6 years old or 1.2 meters tall, making it a family-friendly outing.

Ticket Redemption: Present your ID card at the ticket office on the day of your visit to exchange your reservation confirmation for exhibition tickets.

Security Measures: Before entering the tower, cooperate with security personnel for safety checks. Avoid bringing items such as lighters, beverages, and flying toys, as they are prohibited.

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