A Village in Foshan Went Viral during May Day Holiday
Foshan China 2024-05-06 17:09

During the past May Day Holiday, the first Foshan Youth Art Festival was held in Dadun Village. It created an immersive art event that allows citizens to experience the charm of art, also promoting rural tourism in Foshan.

Exploring the countryside

Experiencing the new rural aesthetics

On May 3, the first Foshan Youth Art Festival entered its fourth day, with visitors continuously flowing into Dadun Village. They took photos, admired artworks, and interacted face-to-face with artists here.

The Woshi Studio was the first art studio established in Dadun Village by artist Huang Yi and his friends. Normally, this is the place where they paint, carve stones, and engage in artistic discussions.

During the art festival, Woshi Studio was opened to the public with no entrance fee. Artist Huang Yi acted as a temporary guide, introducing his friends' seal carvings, purple clay teapots, and his own oil paintings to visitors.

Art Empowerment

Foshan's Version of 798 Taking Shape

Located in Foshan New City, Dadun Village is a typical Lingnan water town surrounded by rivers and streams, with a beautiful ecological environment, known as the backyard of Foshan New City. Therefore, it has attracted many artists such as Huang Yi, Chen Changsheng, Zhong Ge, and Zhang Chunhua to settle in the village. Currently, the village is home to nine large art studios, including the Nanfeng Art Tribe, A Zhi's Tea Space, Ge Space, and Zen Lacquer Studio. During the art festival, these art spaces became popular check-in spots for citizens.

Apart from the visit to artists' studios, a series of art activities also attracted citizen participation. On May 3, the Dream Factory event hosted by artists was held in front of the Feng Clan Ancestral Hall in Dadun Village, where resident artists interacted with visitors on-site.

"During the art festival, we combined intangible cultural heritage experiential performances such as lion dances and dragon boat races with some of our art activities, hoping to give citizens a taste of a new rural landscape," said He Caier, a member of the Dadun Village Party Committee. Since the event began on April 30, it has attracted over 100,000 people to visit Dadun Village in just three days.

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