Over 1,300 Tables Set for Dragon Boat Feast in Lubao, Foshan
Foshan China 2024-06-14 09:20

On June 10, the "Shun Xing Yuan Cup" Traditional Dragon Boat Race was held in Dushugang Village, Foshan. After the thrilling race, there was a grand dragon boat feast with 1,328 tables to celebrate the successful event.

The original purpose of the dragon boat feast was to reward the rowers. Over time, it has become a significant feature of dragon boat culture. For the villagers of Dushugang, the feast symbolizes good fortune. They believe that having the dragon boat feast will embrace safe and sound life and abundant harvests throughout the year. As the saying goes, "Having dragon boat feast, being powerful as dragon and tiger," it reflects their hopes for a prosperous future.

The preparation of the dragon boat feast is meticulous and includes a wide variety of dishes, such as roasted pork, Cantonese Poached Chicken, and pig's trotters. All ingredients are with exquisite taste and aroma.

Generally there was an auction of the roasted pig, which was won by the victorious team in the race, before the feast. It implies spreading good luck, prosperity and fortune to everyone. The funds raised from the auction will be contributed to the village's collective economic development.

The village committee secretary stated, "This year's dragon boat feast is the largest in nearly 60 years. All villagers come together to experience the unique charm of the traditional festival. Moreover, the grand feast is sponsored by over 230 enterprises and individuals, showcasing the spirit of unity in Dushugang Village.”

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