Popular Tapo Temple Fair to Kick Off in Foshan on July 11
Foshan China 2024-07-10 11:19

As a popular local cultural event in Foshan, Tapo Temple Fair will start from July 11, running for a full 7 days this year. Excited to dive into the fun? Here's a guide!

What's in store at this year's fair?

Fish Lantern Parade

Handmade Lacquer Fans, Manzhou Window Painting

Woodblock New Year Prints

Martial Arts Experiences

Cantonese Opera Show

Mysterious NPC Flash Mobs

Water Ritual Experience

What's the history of the Tapo Temple Fair?

It is believed that villagers discovered a bronze Buddha and a stone tablet on Tapo Hill in 628, Tang Dynasty. Locals believed it to be a sacred Buddhist site and renamed this area as "Foshan." They rebuilt the ancient Tapo site, erected a stone tablet inscribed with "Foshan," and commemorated the well-digging event. Hence, the Tapo Temple Fair on the 6th day of the sixth lunar month became an anuual tradition.

What's the meaning of the water ritual?

As the well has provided water continuously since the Tang Dynasty, water ritual was held to address this miracle and express the best blessing "washing in Tapo water brings good luck." During the fair, visitors can queue to wash their hands with Tapo water at the well, or catch a mobile Tapo water station during the flash mods for a quick wash, spreading good fortune!

Recommended Tapo Citywalk route

Tapo Temple→Tapo Well→Tapo Park→Zhaoxiang Park→Guangdong Cantonese Opera Museum

Event Dates: July 11-17

Location: Tapo Community (Tapo Historic Site, Tapo Park, Zhaoxiang Park, Foshan Hung Sing Memorial Hall, Guangdong Cantonese Opera Museum)

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