Foshan, City of Museums: a kaleidoscope into the world
Foshan China 2022-05-17 09:29

Museum now serves as a place where we are free to learn about both our past and new trends. The International Museum Day, which falls on May 18, is themed on “The power of Museums” this year. 


As Foshan pools resources to act as the “City of Museums”, lets look back on the achievements Foshan has scored last year.  


HE Arts Museum 


Progress went hands in hand: quantity and quality of museums 


Statistically, Guangdong is home to 367 registered museums as of the end of 2021, ranking third in China, while Foshan, 27, ranking third in Guangdong. 


Among them, 18 are non-state-owned, 2 added to the list compared to the previous year, ranking 2nd on the provincial list, only second to Shenzhen, which is home to 41.  


On top of that, 3 in Foshan are certificated as National Second-level Museums and 2, National Third-level Museums. 


Lingnan Baijiu Cultural Museum 


Well balance delivered in social and economic benefits 


In 2021, all the museums in Guangdong welcomed 42.8333 million visitors, an increase of 16.6883 million over the previous year. 


Notably, among the Top 10 of most popular museums in Guangdong, 2 in Foshan are on the list – Qinghui Garden in Shunde District and Zumiao Museum in Chancheng District. These two in 2021 respectively opened to 1.0935 million and 815.2 thousand people, with an increase of 393,500 and 40,800. 


Lingnan Marital Arts Museum 


Besides, in 2021, 2,305 museum products have been designed and put into market. As young people grow more interested in museums, this group now represents the major consumers for creative cultural products. The derivatives brought 39,9339 million yuan, an increase of 20.16% compared to 2020. 


Unlock creativity with cultural artifacts 


As to the number of general collections, unique relics and first-class cultural artifacts, 4 in Foshan are on the top 10 provincial list. They are Foshan Museum, Shunde Museum, Guangdong Daguan Museum and Foshan Lingnan Finance Museum, respectively housing 6,293 and 2,096 pieces of unique relics as well as 405 and 74 first-class cultural artifacts. 


Museum of Lingnan Dialect Culture 


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