A Chinese white dolphin spotted in Foshan? Click to know
Foshan China 2022-05-23 09:56

This week, a Chinese white dolphin look-alike was spotted around 11am in the Outer River of Gulang Sluice, Xingtan Town, Shunde, Foshan. The dolphin, estimated with 200 pounds, swam within 2 or 300 meters of the vicinity.



Every few minutes, the dolphin poked out the surface to breath twice or three times. At times, people can also saw half of its body exposed above the water.



According to Shunde Fisheries Administration, white dolphin will stick around for 3 to 4 days. Similarly in this May, a white dolphin was found in Foshan, after another report in the waters of Ganzhutan in last July. Experts said, this white dolphin, which swayed into here, was already in senior years. Because of that, sonar navigation system went wrong and got lost when chasing fish.


Based on the observation from the last two days, the white dolphin was in a good condition. Local scientists will continue to observe and determine what real species he is. It has been reminded that the public not disturb the dolphin and let it swim back into the sea by themselves.


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