South Chinas first Carbon Neutralization Theme Park opens in Guangdong 2022-06-17 13:04

On June 14, the first Carbon Neutralization Theme Park in South China started operation in Guangzhou Yuexiu Park.



Photo: Nanfang Daily 


This theme park was jointly built by Guangzhou Yuexiu Park and China Emissions Exchange in Guangzhou. It is on an old renovated garbage dump and utilizes some inefficient buildings in Yuexiu Park.


Covering an area of about 1,400 square meters, the theme park consists of a science exhibition hall, a demonstration area for reclaimed water reuse, a modern agriculture demonstration area, an on-site garden waste disposal area, a research area and a new energy photovoltaic technology exhibition area. Activities such as science popularization, public education, and salons can be held here, and it will become an important "carbon peaking and carbon neutrality" publicity and education base in Guangdong.



Photo: Nanfang Daily 


The exhibition hall is dominated by digital displays. Visitors can view the latest climate change data released by authoritative institutions, or track the climate goals committed by all countries, regions and global large listed companies in real time through QR codes.

It is worth mentioning that an onsite wastewater treatment system (OWTS) has been built in the park, which uses low-energy and high-efficiency microbial technology to harmlessly treat garden waste and convert it into organic fertilizer.


Residents and tourists only need to enter Yuexiu Park and follow the signs to the Carbon Neutralization Theme Park without reservation.