Start your memorable summer at this grass concert in Shunde
Foshan China 2022-06-14 21:00

On June 18, "Lingnan Wave · Shunde Taste" Campaign was kicked off at the scenic Shunfeng Mountain Park in Shunde Foshan. As announced, this year the main event will be the Summer Grassland Concert.


Now citizens in Foshan can sign up for this exciting event for free. Set in a gorgeous Lingnan Water Town in Shunde, what kind of new experience will it offer? Lets take a look.




Fun camping: discover the secrets of nature


Imagine you and your fellow friends lying on patches of big soft grass, with your favourite tents put up around you all and cool breeze flowing onto your gentle skin. At this very moment when the intoxicating sun is about to set, all you can ask would just be a night with your beloved ones.



Location: Public Camping Area


How to sign up: Part of the camping area will be reserved for citizens (40 tents at maxium)


In line with the pandemic prevention and control policies, the infield (non-camping area) is limited to 100 people. 


"Deshi" Youth Center: explore local cultural trends


One of the biggest interests at grassland concert would be the "Deshi" Youth Center, which has recently been unveiled as the new local trend-setting cultural centers in Shunde. Home to tons of well-designed creative & cultural decorations, "Deshi" Youth Center will cater to more visitors this time around with cool animation and dragon boat models. Everything here would just look good on camera. Stay tuned!



Location: "Deshi" Youth Center


Music live shows: groove to the sound of summer 


When clouds are still painted by the beautiful sunset, there comes the time for an exciting live show.




As the main event included in this campaign, three local bands in Foshan will hit the stage with their most possibly passionate performances, namely, radioman, 7color, and anti bucket star. In addition to presenting their most recognized works on stage, they will also take the chance to connect with the audience. The audience can also expect a sing-along at the end of the concert. Then this summer will never be the same for all of you.

Venue: Grassland Music Zone


Cutting-edge technology experience: explore first hand the coolest industrial design


At the campaign, Product Experience Area will be built up to gather all the useful, trendy and innovative artifacts of life. You are expected to run into one or few "favourites" you can take home. 

These items showcase the latest technogical innovations made right here in Shunde. Some are even listed by CCTV. Kitchenware, furniture, artpieces.... Anything that can possibly improve your quality of life here stands out itself whether with its great aesthetics or high functionalities. Come and discover yourselves.


Venue: Product Experience Area


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