Foshan gone "red" for National Holiday
Foshan China 2022-10-01 10:26

As Chinas National Day has arrived, all main roads, squares and parks in Foshan have been decorated with the national flags. The "five-star" red flags just added more vitality to the city.


In Chancheng District, with the bright red flag decorations, everything has gone just festive. (Photo by Cheng Yuxiao, Foshan Daily)


In Lishui Town of Nanhai, national flags hung up high match well with Denggang Bridge. (Photo by Chen Jiajun)


Colored flags on Lingnan Avenue in Shunde District complement with Dongping Bridge from afar. (Photo by Lecong Publicity Office of Culture, Sports and Tourism)


Hefu Avenue in Gaoming District renewed with patches of "Chinese red". (Photo by Hong Hai, Foshan Daily)


Waving flags on Sanshui Bridge (Photo by Yang Lishan)


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