Three tourist sites of Foshan listed as national tourist sites
Foshan China 2022-11-03 16:26

On October 26, China Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Association released a project that aims to integrates intangible cultural heritage with tourism development. 3 local intangible cultural tourist sites in Foshan were selected, namely, Foshan Ancestral Temple Museum, Ancient Nanfeng Kiln and Xiqiao Mountain Academy.


Rated as a national second-grade museum and 4A-level tourist site, Foshan Ancestral Temple Museum is one of the ten demonstration sites of civilized tourist attractions in Guangdong Province. In recent years, the temple has become an important platform for visitors from home and abroad to learn about intangible cultural heritages like temple fairs, lion dance and Cantonese opera performances, and study courses to revitalize and promote the intangible cultural resources.




Once you enter into the Ancestral Temple, you will instantly be attracted by the red walls which looks similar to that of the Palace Museum. The flooding sunlight makes a fantastic view with the shadows on the walls.




As a national 4A-level tourist attraction, Ancient Nanfeng Kiln brings together traditional Shiwan pottery making techniques and a dozen intangible cultural heritage items such as Lingnan awakening lion, Choy Lee Fut, Cantonese opera, paper cutting, etc. A large number of people from all over the world are attracted to the kiln.




Entering Ancient Nanfeng Kiln, you will see 2 ancient kilns which are still in use.


There is a dragon kiln built in 1506-1521 AD. It has been used as firing ceramics stoves for 500 years. As the oldest wood-fired dragon kiln still in use in the world, it has witnessed the history of Shiwan pottery.




Xiqiao Mountain Academy is a new R&D institution established by Nanhai Government under the guidance of Tsinghua University’s Institute of Culture and Creativity. Integrating cultural exchange and creative research, it is dedicated to introducing and training talents for Nanhai and promoting the integrated development of city, industries and humanities.


Xiqiao Mountain Academy created a new city IP, Nanhai Lion Troupe, by integrating the intangible cultural heritage of the lion dance in the district with Nanhai awakening lion as the core. While protecting the intangible cultural heritage, the Academy passes on the culture of lion dance in an innovative way, bringing the lion dance culture to more people.



A new city IP of Nanhai Lion Troupe


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