Shiwan Kiln Cooking Pottery Exhibition opens at Chancheng Museum
Foshan China 2022-11-09 09:59

Chancheng Museum in Foshan has partnered up with Foshan Art Design Association, Nie Huimei Ceramic Studio and Guangdong Technical Academy to exhibit "Style of life: Intangible Cultural heritage Research of Shiwan Kiln Cooking Pottery by Nie Huimei" in the Cishi Family Temple exhibition hall of Liang's Garden, until 30 November 2022.

Works from Nie Huimei (Photo by He Yong, Foshan Daily)

Themed on “Heritage·Innovation·Fusion”, the exhibition presents 68 traditional and innovative potteries with the aim of delivering the heritage, innovation and fusion of Shiwan Kiln to citizens.

Works from Nie Huimei (Photo by He Yong, Foshan Daily)

Known as an important cultural heritage in Cantonese culture, the Shiwan Kiln established in the Tang and the Song Dynasties has a thousand years of history. Flourishing in the Ming and the Qing Dynasties, it mainly produced potteries closely related to people's daily lives, such as rice cooker pot, porridge pot and tea pot. The pot products of Shiwan Kiln exert profound influence throughout history for its combination of aesthetic value and practical values.

With the hope of getting new burnishing through research, activation and inheritance, Nie’s team spent 3 years studying cooking pottery culture by Shiwan Kiln from the perspectives of inheritance and innovation. In addition to focusing on the inheritance of intangible cultural heritage, Nie’s team also starts up creating innovative works that stress out about blending traditional and modern styles.

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