Landscape like a painting! A beautiful village is hidden in Sanshui
Foshan China 2022-11-10 18:18

There are loads of beautiful mountains and lakes in Nanshan Town, Sanshui District. It is common to discover villages that are embraced by mountains.

Yanmen Village is one of those villiages. Surrounded by mountains and rivers, houses are neatly arranged and decorated with a sea of forests. The area is blended with the green hills, forming a charming landscape.

Yanmen Village is famous for Shiyan Rock.

According to Sanshui Xianzhi, the limestone cave was named Shiyan Rock as many Shiyan Birds inhabited here before. Many nature scenes were hidden in the winding tunnels and holes. Therefore, the entire cave was named "Shiyan Labyrinth", also known as one of the "eight scenic spots" in Sanshui.

However, resulted from the geological damage, the entrance was sealed by the debris in 1970. Since then, it is impossible to recap the marvellous scenes before.

The most distinctive features of Shiyan Rock is the excellent ecological environment and grand rocks. Those mountains are steep like daggers.

The mountains and rivers add additional texture to the landscape, and the water of the rivers is like a mirror reflecting the blue sky.

Just sitting in front of their houses, villagers can enjoy such a beautiful scene at dusk. What a harmonious coexistence of human and nature!

Author | Kya

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