Gaoming Green Tea Making Technique
Foshan China 2022-11-14 19:33

People in Guangdong province love to drink tea to relieve the summer heat. Having morning tea and drinking herbal tea is a unique culture in Guangdong. Gaoming has a long history of tea culture, of which the tea planting and making industry has a history of four hundred years.

The Duichuan tea farm established in 1951 used to be the largest state-run tea farm in the Pearl River Delta. It represents the glory of the tea industry in Gaoming in the 20th century.

The reason why Duichuan tea farm can produce high quality tea is that the red soil and low hills there are suitable for the growth of tea trees.

Now, unlike the traditional tea making process in the past, Duichuan tea farms now use various instruments to monitor temperature and humidity conditions daily and introduce mechanized tea-making process.

In terms of skill inheritance, the tea farms try to integrate the traditional tea-making process with modern technology to retain the tea's original characteristics while enhancing its quality.

Gaoming green tea is produced twice a year, divided into spring tea and autumn tea, of which spring tea has the best quality.

After being picked, the fresh tea leaves are spread on a bamboo fence for 8 hours with proper temperature and humidity. Then the tea leaves are dried in sunlight for 40 minutes. This process is called "Liangqing".

Gaoming green tea production techniques are divided into six processes. Each process is tightly interlocked. The step of frying tea leaves is a key process which determines the quality of green tea.

Many youth gradually fall in love with tea culture by participating tea culture study courses and the production process of Gaoming green tea.

Duichuan Tea Farm has integrated traditional culture with modern cultural tourism elements and developed tea culture study courses through cultural trips, study tours and tea museums. Therefore, it aims to make this excellent traditional culture be better inherited and developed.

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