Have fun at Sanshui "Maldives"
Fohsan China 2022-11-15 16:46

Sunshine, beach, fishing village, food... there is a hidden tourist destination in Baini Town, Sanshui District——Bozi Jiao (波子角). The locals called it "Mini Maldives".

Bozi Jiao is located by Xijiang River, and you can find it when you go to ShuiYun Village in Baini Town. There are many fishermen living here.

The Bozi Jiao is located by the Xijiang River, and the No. 29 lighthouse stands at the southernmost end of it.

As you stroll along the river from the lighthouse, you can enjoy different scenery along the way. Looking at the blue water of the river and the golden sandy beach will give you the illusion of being on an island.

As we walk, it is as if time slows down here unconciously.

In 2021, the Baini Xijiang Cultural Festival launched a new IP for cultural tourism, and the "Bojiao Fanying " became one of the "Ten New Views of Baini".

This year, because of the village construction project, the popularity of Bozi Jiao and Shuiyun Village has also increased.

On weekends and holidays, villagers often encounter tourists asking for directions, most of whom come for Bozi Jiao.

Bozijiao has a landscape comparable to that of an island with special food and Tanka culture. Visitors can enjoy the slow-paced life in the fishing village.

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