Enjoy the unique night view in Lishui through the eyes of literature and art
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To stimulate the consumption and and new vitality of cultural tourism in Lishui Town, Nanhai District, in September this year, the Lishui Town Cultural Development Center co-hosted the "Lishui Night Market" Art Works Collection activity with associations of Fine Arts, Photography and Literature. It aims to encourage people to portrait the beautiful night scenery via art paintings, photography, literature and poetry.

A painted boat is passing the Love Bridge. (Photo by Huang Guo'en)

Pass on the power of culture and better tell the "night story" in Lishui

The artworks collection activity aroused enthusiastic response and the organizer received many literary and artworks. After meticulous evaluation and discussion, experts have selected 2 first prizes, 4 second prizes, 6 third prizes 8 excellent prizes in the category of fine Arts, photography and literature.

What is the "Night in Lishui" in your eyes? Tranquil, lively or mysterious? Let's enjoy the unique Lishui night through the perspective of Lishui literature and art lovers.

Night falls in Lishui. (Photo by Wang Qingwu)

"The night in Lishui, has thousands of look. Whatever it is like, it is still my forever love." In the first prize literary work Meet the Night in Lishui, Yuan Jingwen described the charming Lishui night view with her words and showed the deep deep emotional connection with hometown.

Commented by the judges, all the works received are generally filled with the deep love of those native authors towards their hometown, Lishui. The artworks also reflect authors' insight and solid creative ability.

"Young generation" light up the cultural night in Lishui

Since the launch of artwork collection in September, a culture fever has raged in Lishui. The authors are from different age groups. They might be primary school students under 10 years old, young college student, or even retired people but still keen on literature.

Why would "cultural night" in Lishui be favored by so many people? What's the secret behind?

Yuan Jingwen, a native of Tang Village in Lishui said, "It is very lucky to witness the rapid development of Lishui, and now Lishui people have more diverse entertainments in life. I often go to the Wanqing Garden and Tangnan ancient village, where I can experience the unique charm of Lingnan flavor."

The artwork Night created by Mo Jianzhen

Teacher is the majority of the applicants. The work Night created by Mo Jianzhen, a primary school art teacher in Lishui, presents the artistic beauty of the riverside at nightfall. "The overall design of the riverside architecture uses the painting elements from the abstract painter Mondrian. That is my favourite." Mo Jianzhen said.

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