Feel the Foshan Yunyong Forestry's unique charm
Foshan China 2022-11-25 09:07

Foshan Yunyong Forestry has been selected in the first batch of provincial forestry in Guangdong Province in 2022!

In 2022, Guangdong Province implemented the forest chief system. 96 thousand forest chiefs were elected across five levels, including provincial, municipal, county, township and village levels.

Foshan Yunyong Forestry

There is a forest of over 20 thousand square meters that is 30 kilometers away from the Gaoming CBD. That is Yunyong Forestry, the only state-owned forest in Foshan.

In the forest, the vegetation density is so high that visitors are surrounded by the fresh air.

There are 780 species of vascular plants and 152 species of wild animals in Yunyong Forestry Park, whose ecological serving value exceeds 2.6 billion yuan. The forest coverage rate is 96.95%, of which 97% is public welfare forest. With the vast coverage of greenery, the temperature is generally 3 to 5 degrees Celsius lower than the urban area.

Forest is an important ecological barrier and has been the focus of ecological restoration in China. In the past decade, the afforestation in China has reached 640 billion square kilometer. Sicne 2018, the forest area in Yunyong Forestry has increased from 20 million square meter to 30 million square meter.

Yunlong Waterfall

Walk up a small trail next to the ranger station, you will see the spectacular Yunlong Waterfall.

Pegasus Mountain Reservoir

This reservoir is surrounded by beautiful green hills of fir trees.

Jilong Mountain

The height of Jigong Mountain reaches 418.7 meters, whichi is the highest mountain in Yunyong Forestry. Visitors can overlook the vast green scenery at the top.


Via driving: Search "Guangdong Yunyong National Forest Park".

Via public transportation: Take No. 503 bus to Guangming Bus Stop, Walk for 1.7 kilometers, or transfer No.564 bus to Guangdong Yunyong National Forest Park Bus Stop.

Opening hours:

Every day from 9:00 am to 17:00 pm

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