Birds migrating in flocks for the coming winter in Sanshui
Foshan China 2022-11-25 17:20

Whenever the night is just about to fall on these fine days, things are always getting a bit boisterous at the Yundonghai National Wetland Park. Countless birds can be seen "partying" on middle-lake Island, while photographers hiding in the woods were capturing these interesting scenes.

Egrets fly in flocks in Yundonghai National Wetland Park. (Photo/Wang Shu)

As season shifts at this particular time of the year, it has become a sensation to watch migrating birds in the park. They travel all the way from north to south for warmer weather. Home to good ecological environment, Yundonghai National Wetland Park, these couples of years, have seen many of these "settlers" during the winter.

Eurasian Spoonbill, a National Grade II protected animal, was first time found in Yundonghai National Wetland Park in Nov, 2022. (Photo/Yundonghai National Wetland Park)

The best time for bird watching is in the morning and evening. Many rare birds can be seen in Moon Lake and Baifu Mountain, and in Futian Village and Guihua Island.

Birds fly through the forest in Yundonghai National Wetland Park. (Photo/Wang Shu)

If you look down on the lake-centered island of Moon Lake, the lake-centered island is like a ring placed on the surface of lake.

Lake-centered island of Moon Lake in Yundonghai National Wetland Park. (Photo/Wang Shu)

The formation of "Little Bird Paradise" owses much to the improvement of ecological environment in wetland park. The wetland area in park is more than 80%. Nowadays, the Yundonghai National Wetland Park is called "Green Heart" in Sanshui.

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