Live it up! Here comes best ways to enjoy the World Cup
Foshan China 2022-11-24 11:56

At 0:00 on November 21, the FIFA World Cup 2022 began in Qatar. To enjoy this football carnival, Foshan fans unlocked more new venues to watch football and new ways of entertainment.

Meeting friends to watch the World Cup at a bar

Although it was nearly midnight on Sunday, the bar in Foshan Creative Industry Park was full of football fans.

Many young people said there is good atmosphere in the bars. Although it can not be compared to watching football games live, but still can be very exciting in a bar.

Camping to watch the World Cup

In addition to the bar, camping to watch the World Cup is also popular. Mr. Zhang was worried that watching the World Cup would affect his wife's rest, and then he chose to watch the World Cup in a camping site. Mr. Zhang said he enjoyed the hot pot and BBQ there, and he will also organize bonfire party. This year's camping is very cheap, only cost 149 yuan per night.

Buy a projector to watch the World Cup at home

In addition to going out to watch the World Cup, some football fans also chose to watch the World Cup at home. Many people bought projectors for the World Cup. According to the data, Foshan people bought more than 500 projectors during the Double 11 shopping festival this year.

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