A gorgeous land tucked away in Foshan
Foshan China 2022-11-28 17:16

From Pingsha Ferry in Xiqiao Town, Nanhai District, Foshan, there is actually an island you can reach in 8 minutes.

Ride around the island, pick fruit, enjoy river food ...... If you want to try these original island life, Pingsha Island is a good place to enjoy leisure time.

Pingsha Island is an island near Xiqiao Town, Nanhai District, with a beautiful natural ecological environment.

Pingsha Island is different from other islands because of its idyllic style. The villagers have always lived a relaxed island life here.

In the evening, after work, the villagers boarded the ferry back to home for dinner.

The village of Nanshe is the first place you see on Pingsha Island. Nanshe village is the place where Pingsha Ferry is located.

The village of Nanshe is home to the Li Pingzhu Gong Ancestral Hall, the Zhuping Li Gong Ancestral Hall and the Bo Yili Ancestral Hall, all of which bear witness to the history of the Li clan on Pingsha Island.

Every summer, the villagers will go under banyan tree to escape heat. The banyan trees has accompanied the villagers through countless summer days.

The ferry is the only way for villagers on Pingsha Island to get around. With the newer iterations, boats leaving the island has become enjoy more and more convenient traffic.

In the morning, villagers would bring fresh vegetable to sell on the other side, as well as people hurry to work .

There is no industrial production on Pingsha Island, and villagers are mainly engaged in planting and rearing.

The well-developed sericulture industry on Pingsha Island is the main supplier of Nanhai silk mills.

Nowadays, Pingsha is dominated by ecological agriculture, with farms and nurseries growing various cash crops all over the island, attracting many tourists view island every year. The fertile land is perfect for growing fruits and vegetables.

Pingsha people have perfectly blended chicken and buffalo milk, and its tender flavor makes people fall in love with this.

If the Xijiang River is open for fishing, you can also have fresh Xijiang River food at Ping Sha Island.

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