Hidden gold at the foot of Xiqiao Mountain
Foshan China 2022-11-29 18:41

What would it be like to wear "soft gold", have an afternoon tea and enjoy the marvelous view at the foot of Xiqiao Mountain? 

Head to the Jiang Manyan Xiangyun Silk Cultural Center, you can have them all!

Xiangyun Silk is a traditional fabric with one hundred years history. Made up of natural silk, it is super light in weight and great in air permeability. It is known as the "soft gold" and one of the must-buy souvenirs in Nanhai.

Mud, yams and bamboo are the key materials used in the making process of Xiangyun Silk. These three materials have been perfectly integrated in the design of Jiang Manyan Xiangyun Silk Cultural Center.

There are three main zones, each symbolizing different meaning. In the first zone, all Xiangyun Silk is hung up, imitating the view of sky. In contrast, the floor is divided with 12 boxes of mud and yams, presenting the key characteristics of Xiangyun Silk culture.

Moving forward to the second zone, the artwork Tree represents a harmonious status between human and nature.

For artwork Home in the third zone, the giant silkworm cocoon symbolizes the wish to restore the peace and return to the nature.

Strolling through the art space, you can also appreciate a cup of Chinese tea while savoring the unique charm of Xiangyun Silk.

Author | Eddie

Revisor | Linn, Eleanor

Photo | Nanhai Xiqiao