A boat in Foshan sailing into the fairy tale world?
Foshan China 2022-12-01 18:03

"That is so beautiful!" Colorful flowers, lovely chinchillas...The boat passes through the little tunnel, as if it goes into a dreamy fairy tale world. In Foshan Chancheng Zinan Village, when the beautiful countryside meets wall painting, a plain wall will be inspired with infinite vitality.

"Carps jumping over the dragon gate" wishes everyone good luck.

Look up! Even in the cave of the bridge, you can also enjoy the "flying birds in the blue sky".

Balloons, ribbons, flying chairs in the air...Take you to see the water version of "Zinan Happy Valley".

There is a "monster" ahead, be careful!

The swans are also "dancing" here!

Enjoying the fresh air in countryside, this is the life everyone dreams of!

Although it's after the Beginning of Winter, it feels still like summer in Zinan.

What?! Unknowingly we travel to the fairy tale world of Miyazaki Hayao. Let's see where this chinchilla is going.

Wow! Is this Alice in Wonderland?

The flowers bloom on the river and don't wilt even in winter!

The best viewpoint for wall painting is on the "Zinan Chuan Shuo" waterway!

Hurry up to bring your friends to enjoy the charm of nature and wall painting together!

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