These specialties in Gaoming drew CCTV’s attention
Foshan China 2022-12-02 20:24

On November 29, Gaoming was again shown in CCTV’s report.

These are the famous Gaoming’s products mentioned in the report.

Gaoming Paddy Field Key Cultivation Area (Chongbu park)

Photo/Gao Zeming

It is one integrated paddy field with multiple functionalities, including the presentation of modern farming technologies, rice market, ecological tourism and education.

Sanzhou black goose

Sanzhou black goose is a unique breed in Gaoming, which has been recognized as a product with national geographic trademark.

Every black goose will undergo 90 days of breeding, making it the perfect texture for Cantonese roasted goose. Remarkably, Miaojing village is one famous farming base with 300 years history.

Photo/Tan Meifang

Additionally, local industry is also what Gaoming got recognized for these days. For instance, Esqual Group is one outstanding textile enterprise.

Innovation is its key principle. Apart from technologies like super dry, it has invented the thinnest silk yarn, which has kept the world record until now. The silk yarn is even thinner than hair, which is vulnerable to single touch.

Supported by manufacturing industry, Gaoming has achieved gross domestic production of 97 billion, realizing an increase of 7%. GDP in the first three seasons has exceed 76 billion, making Gaoming the 40th in the national district with comprehensive strength. It is believed thatGaoming will embrace new development opportunity.

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